- A damage criterion based on energy balance for isotropic cohesive zone model

Auteur(s): Chrysochoos A., Daridon L., Renouf M.

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The objective of this paper is to present an energy damage criterion for cohesive zone models (CZM) within the framework of the non-linear thermodynamics of irreversible processes (TIP). An isotropic elastic damageable material is considered for isothermal transformations. Damage is then the only irreversible effect accompanying the deformation process and this mechanism is supposed to be fully dissipative. Once a separation law and a damage state variable have been chosen, the paper shows that the damage criterion can be automatically derived from the energy balance. From this observation, a CZM is derived for a given choice of traction-separation law and damage state variable and the quality of its numerical predictions is analyzed using an experimental benchmark bending test extracted from literature. Finally, damage, elastic and dissipated energy fields around the crack path are shown during this rupture test.

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