Governance of the LMGC

To operate the LMGC, management relies on various steering bodies:

The Office of the Management Team (BED) which meets once a week, th
e Management Team (ED) which meets twice a month, the
Laboratory Council (CL) which meets eight times a year,
the General Assembly (AG) which meets twice a year.

There are also commissions directly attached to management that work on specific files: Library; Hygiene and Safety; Communication and living environment; Seminar; Committee of users of the Hall of Mechatronics; Laboratory life; Security of information systems.
A portion of the members of each commission belongs to the various bodies and serves as a link with them.

  • The Office of the Management Team (BED):

The management team's office consists of the laboratory management (the director and the two assistant directors), the laboratory administrator and the executive assistant. Its weekly meetings are aimed at dealing with the day-to-day affairs of the laboratory and preparing the agendas for the various meetings of the unit's bodies.

Current composition:

Stéphane Pagano (Director)
Frédéric Dubois (Deputy Director
) Fabien Soulié (Deputy Director
) Annarella Remerciaro (Administrato
r) Roxane Cremer (Executive Assistant)

  • The Management Team (ED):

The management team is made up of the members of the BED, in addition to the heads of the seven teams and the two departments, the co-director of the MIST and the head of the CIME platform. The ED meets about twice a month and deals with scientific policy and administrative and functional organization of the unit.

Current composition:

Bed Members
Cyril Bordreuil (Team
AS) Franck Jourdan (BIOT
IC Team) Delphine Jullien
(Team BOIS) Patrick
Ienny (Team DMS) Mathieu
Renouf (Team MéTICE) Fa
rhang Radjaï (Team PMMD)
Jérôme Quirant (Team SIGEC
O) Bertrand Wattrisse (Tea
m ThM2) Loïc Daridon (Co-direction)

  • The Laboratory Council (CL):

The Laboratory Board, the unit's staff representation advisory body, is composed of members of law (the director and the two deputy directors) as well as elected and appointed members representing each category of staff (Doctors, ITA-BIATS, researchers and teacher-researchers). The CL meets about eight times a year to be briefed and consulted on the general direction of the laboratory. The CL is consulted by the unit director on the composition of the teams, the coordination of the research, the budgetary resources, the consequences of the opinions of the HCERES and the appointment of the director of the unit as part of the evaluation of the unit by the HCERES, etc.
The laboratory council is the only body in the laboratory made up in part of elected members. The renewal of the CL comes with each change of the unit's five-year contract.

Current composition:

Elected members of the various colleg
es: Noémi Petitjean (Doctoral Representati
ve) Xavier Maetz (Doctoral Representati
ve) François Gibier (ITA-BIATS Representa
tive) Rémy Mozul (ITA-BIATS Represen
tative) Émilien Azéma (Researchers and Teachers-Researcher Repres
entative) Cédric Montéro (Researchers and Teachers-Researcher Repre
sentative) Mathieu Renouf (Researchers and Teachers Representative)

Appointed Member
s: Cyril Bordreuil (Researcher and Research Teacher Representative
) Loïc Daridon (Researcher and Research Teacher Representative)
Yann Monerie (Researcher and Research Teacher Representative)
Pascale Royer (Researchers and Teachers-Researcher Representative)

Guest: Annarella Remerciaro (Unit Administrator)

  • The General Assembly (AG):

The GA brings together all the laboratory staff twice a year, at the end of the calendar year and at the end of the academic year. The GA is an opportunity for management to take stock of current actions and to discuss some of the overall policy points of the LMGC.