The HAL-LMGC collection

As part of the international Open Access movement to scientific publications, a component of Open Science, the LMGC has chosen to deposit its entire scientific output in the open HAL archive.

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For the authors of the LMGC

1- LMGC affiliate in publications

The form of affiliation chosen for the authors of the laboratory is: "LMGC
, Univ. Montpellier, CNRS, Montpellier, France"

2- Procedure for filing your publications

The HAL-LMGC collection is powered by our internal repository application.

A brief theoretical presentation of Free Access to Scientific Publications

This movement was born in the early 1990s in the context of a double context: on the one hand the development of computer science and the web that allowed a new diffusion of scientific production and on the other hand a constant increase in the costs of subscriptions to traditional scientific journals, in a generalized context of stagnation or even reduction of research budgets and therefore of documentation.

In this difficult context, the open access movement has aimed to make publicly funded scientific publications freely and freely available to readers.

To achieve this, there are two routes: the Greenway (open archives) and the Golden Road (open access reviews).

Open archives are reservoirs of online publications that operate on the principle of self-archiving. The author or a third party files the authorized version of its publication and makes it freely and freely accessible to readers.

Open access journals are scientific journals that operate on the same editorial principles as traditional journals (peer review to validate scientific content) but with a different business model. There are several, but the original and ideal model is that of upstream funding of the journal by an institution (scientific society, university, association, library, etc.). allowing the author to submit and publish for free and the reader free access to publications.

Publishing in Open Access is possible!

Would you like to publish in a scientific journal in Open Access quality? Don't want to pay APC to publish your article? The DOAJ is here to help!

Discover also the first international review in mechanics: the Journal of Theoretical, Computational and Applied Mechanics

Carried by the episcience platform, it is a scientific journal fed by deposits previously made in an open archive (Arxiv or HAL) and then submitted to JTCAM for a classical rereading process.